Centro, Inc

Centro, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters

3315 Overton Crossing
Memphis, TN 38127

Toll free:  (800) 238-6672
Office:      (901) 357-1261

Centro, Inc.

Centro, Inc.

Centro is an expert in products and applications used in flow control and automation operations.

Centro combines industry-leading brands of valves, steam products, automation and instrumentation, pumps & seals, compressors and process filtration to create flow solutions to meet your specific challenges.


Centro, Inc.


Centro is a specialty distributor and sales representative company focused on customers in industries where manufacturing process flow control of fluids, solids, and gases is a critical success factor.

The company is organized into seven divisions.
Each of these divisions provides specific services and expertise to customers to control or monitor different parts of a manufacturing plant process.

Centro, Inc. offers customized solutions in several divisions, including:

  • Automation & Robotics Division
  • Bulk Solid, Material Handling, & Dust Collection Division
  • Instrumentation, Measurement & Control Division
  • Process Equipment & Sanitary Division
  • Filtration & Process Systems Division
  • Pump & Seal Division
  • Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products Division



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